Design of UWB Microstrip Filter Using Quarter Wavelength Short Circuited Stubs

Kavita, Sandeep Kumar, Anupma Gupta

In this paper a high performance Ultra Wide Band microstrip bandpass filter is presented. The filter is designed using λ/4 short circuited stubs to improve the performance of UWB. The designed filter is based on 5th order chebyshev low pass prototype with .1 dB passband ripples. The filter with total size of 45×11 mm operates within 3.13- 10.4 GHz, produces a fractional bandwidth of 106%. The filter is designed on a polystyrene substrate with relative dielectric constant of 2.6 and a thickness of 1.27mm. The simulated result using HFSS shows an insertion loss (S21) less than -0.1dB and return loss (S11) better than -16.5 dB. Group delay is also flat in passband.