Volumen 1, Ausgabe 1 (2016)


Primary Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of the Ilium in a Pediatric Patient: Case Report and Review of the Literature

  • Roberto Berebichez-Fridman, Pablo Rodrigo Montero Olvera*, Enrique Berebichez Fastlicht


One-stage Reconstruction and Resection of the Periacetabular Chondrosarcoma by Hemipelvis Allograft-prothese

  • Sadeghpour A, Sadighi A, Pourfeiz HH, Aslani H, Attar B* and Azizian Z


Clinical Outcome of Ichthyosis Treated with Continuous Wave CO2 Laser

  • Melissa Morrison Toyos* and Rolando Toyos


Specific Clinical Findings of Secondary Syphilis In The Oral Mucosa: A Series of Six Case Reports

  • Sergio Antonucci Amaral*, Fabricio Tinoco Alvim de Souza, Maria Cassia Ferreira de Aguiar, Carina Cristina Montalvany-Antonucci, Julio Cesar Tanos de Lacerda and Luis Otavio de Miranda Cota


Schizencephaly Presenting for the First Time in a Previously Healthy Adult Male

  • Mohammad Humayun, Abidullah Khan*, Iqbal Haider, Majid Khan and Maimoona Ayub


Concussion Management

  • Harold Michael Olson